Welcome to DarrenHAAS.COM!

About me, I started off as an Instructional Designer, then moved into application development and management at Dejima(acquired by Sybase). I later found interest in Financial Systems at Euronet Worldwide.

I am a co-founder of Change.org and founder of the new Flat Stanley Project.

In 2007 I was consulting for Stanford Research Institute in the AI department.

From SRI, I helped create a new startup Siri in 2007. Siri was acquired by Apple Inc. in 2010.

I now work for Apple Inc. as a Sr. Engineering Manager.

Recent News & EVENTS

Who is Siri?

Siri represents a new interaction paradigm for the consumer internet experience. Check out some Media Coverage:

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what is Change.org?

Change.org is a social network for hundreds of social causes and over 1 million nonprofit organizations. Check out some Media Coverage:

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